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In 1901, Dr. Duncan MacDougall did numerous tests on dying tuberculosis patients. Using a precision scale utilizing a bed, upon their last breath into death, each one lost almost an ounce. It was theorized that the soul, in part, exists on a molecular level within humans and upon death, leaving the body. After his experiments were deemed morally questionable and he was discredited, he vanished. There is no information about his life from 1902 until his mysterious death in 1920.

We have taken these findings and expounded on them into this thriller / supernatural sci-fi. (see short synopsis)



Not knowing where he has been for a year, Mark finds out he is in the middle of a scientific conspiracy that started way back in 1901.

Mark is the first, and only, soul-induced human clone as we see a mystery unfold through his eyes. He has just escaped from a secret, underground lab and has virtually no memory. Through a series of small town events, he eventually starts to uncover something much bigger than anyone could imagine.

After being discredited from his experiments in 1901, Dr. Duncan MacDougall became obsessed. Going down the rabbit hole, he was determined to go deeper into the science of the soul. He started a secret eugenics lab where he pursued a science that was decades ahead of his time. By stumbling onto embryonic stem cell research—tadpoles all the way up to a chimp—he successfully grew a human embryo, creating the first clone. Unfortunately, WWI came along and not only was he killed, but his son (the clone) disappeared as well as much of the lab and research being least for a while.


Almost 70 years later, and his lab and partial research has been discovered by a scientist and historian named Emiel Saunders. And, with the help of MacDougall's notes, Saunders has come very close in successfully cloning humans. However, he has been unable to get past what Dr. MacDougall accomplished a century ago, naming it the "God factor", the soul. Saunders and his team have discovered it's the single most important element in personality, memory, morale, emotion and even functionality. As a front, this rekindled science exists as an artificial organ replacement company called MCG Medical. From the outset, it saves lives and prolongs life through giving people new organs, but is actually used as a catalyst for furthering their cloning agenda and repopulating a "perfect" Earth.

And, Mark is the key to the whole thing!


When most people think about an immaterial soul that persists after death, they have in mind some sort of blob of spirit energy that takes up residence near our heart or brain, and drives around our body like a soccer mom in a minivan. The questions are these: if a soul does exist, what form would that spirit energy take, and how does it interact with our ordinary atoms? Not only is new particle physics required, but it could force science and "God" to coexist.

If we were to assume that God created man, then what would happen if man was able to re~create man? Further yet, what if man was able to re~create a soul?

Even though the story's content digs deep into scientific and supernatural mystery, it is grounded by character and the on-goings of Mark and his love, Sara.